Telstra Scored Half A Million Wireless Broadband Customers In Six Months

Telstra Scored Half A Million Wireless Broadband Customers In Six Months

We thought it was pretty impressive last year when Telstra was signing up 50,000 new mobile broadband customers a month, but it turns out we’re getting even more enthusiastic about Next G. In its just-released half-yearly results, Telstra revealed that it signed up 505,000 new mobile broadband users in six months — an average of 84,000 every month.

Over that period we’ve seen the launch of the Ultimate high-speed service and changes in pricing for other options — a fact reflected in a lower average revenue per customer for mobile broadband users. There are now 2.2 million mobile broadband customers on Next G.

The other interesting stat in the results? Seven out of the 10 most popular phones sold on postpaid contracts by Telstra were smartphones.


  • Do most people have blinkers on or is it that Telstra actually has a better deal? Both TPG and iPrimus carry Next G and from what I can see they are cheaper! or am I missing something here? I got kicked in the nuts by Telstra years ago and have never even thought about going back! :{

  • I needed temporary internet access while I wait for my internode service to be connected in two weeks and thanks to Telstra being closed had to go into Optus.

    I was told I would have coverage at my address (they did a system check etc) but upon activating my sim have a 1% signal strength 🙁

    Never thought I’d WANT Telstra to be available!

    • I’m sure you have great on-street coverage – after all, isn’t that where everyone uses their computer? 🙂

      Optus coverage maps list outdoors coverage; presumably LoS as well. As anyone who’s used WiFi knows, any substantial object blocks microwave-length radio signals. Having said all that, I concur with the general point that your post makes about Optus coverage…

  • What I think the success comes down to the exclusive contract they got with HTC to hold the Desire. It’s a really good phone and is the only reason I moved to Telstra.

    Yeah it costs a little more than my friends and gets me less calls & data, but by god I had my Desire like a week after they came out. And it was good.

    Also, coverage is brilliant. It really is. And I’ve never had any problems with customer service. They’ve always been really helpful.

  • I’d dare say that it’s partly due to the recent VodaFail debacle. Next G is definitely more expensive.. but well worth the money if you are after a reliable connection.

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