TechLines: Cloud Control

TechLines: Cloud Control

Don’t panic! If you missed our TechLines panel on the future of video today, you can catch it all right here.

Chaired once again by New Inventors host and media personality James O’Loghlin, the panel includes:

  • Glenn Wightwick, Director, IBM R&D, Australia & Chief Technologist
  • Gianpaolo Carraro, Director, Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism
  • Kevin Noonan, Research Director, Public Sector at Ovum
  • Mark Pesce, Futurist, Author, Lecturer and Technologist
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    After many years of evolution, the cloud has taken shape as a key factor in the future of smart business infrastructure. But which cloud offerings suit which kinds of businesses? And how do we overcome critical concerns around data sovereignty, privacy, and reliability? We explore the essential elements of the cloud, what it brings to organisations, and the big issues around placing our trust in this delivery model. Is this really the end of your server room?


  • A few questions. But first, full disclosure I’m employed by IBM, but the questions and opinions are my own.

    A decade earlier, utility computing was announced as the big thing, touted by a number of service providers including IBM with its ‘On Demand Computing’. How is this different to ‘Cloud Computing’? Is there something substantially different here, or is it (excuse the pun) vapour?

    Next question. Public cloud computing enables organisations to offload computing to public computing and storage clouds. How are cloud providers managing the concerns of large enterprises who have to worry about 1) security and 2) regulatory requirements. For example, SOX compliance, or privacy laws, and the way and location of where sensitive personal data is stored.

    And third question. Private clouds enable organisations to run their own internal ‘cloud’. However, this doesn’t sound any different to any typical hosting service a service provider would have. Is ‘private cloud’ merely a marketing term for something system integrators already provide?

    • No need to register — it’ll be live inside this very post from midday tomorrow (and this will be the first thing you see if you hit Lifehacker at that point).

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