Take Your Desktop To The Space Olympics With These Wallpapers

Today we've got a series of space wallpapers for computer and smartphone, ranging from distant planets to space invaders.

[DESKTOP]Raised Earth from Digital Desktop Wallpaper. Download here.

[DESKTOP]Blue Planet submitted by Lloyd. Download here.

[DESKTOP]Sci-Fi City on Flickr, author unknown. Submitted by David B. Download here.

[DESKTOP]Spiral from Space Wallpapers. Download here.

[DESKTOP]Earth by Simon Gustavsson on Simple Desktops. Download here.

[DESKTOP]Space Invaders from WallPampers. Download here.

[DESKTOP]Spacebase Hope by Matthias Sanne. Download here.

[MOBILE]Futurama Planet Express by iDesignPhone. Download here.

[MOBILE]Abstract Space from iPhone & iPad News. Download here.

[MOBILE]Rocket Launch from iPhone Root. Download here.


    Wow. These are really awful. There are thousands of sci-fi and space backgrounds out there and you choose a bunch of generic low res examples. Did you even look at "Spiral" at full res before choosing it?

    What kind of desktop resolution is 950px × 534px exactly?

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