Tabby Makes New Chrome Tabs Open On The Far Right

Chrome: Prefer new tabs to open at the far right rather than next to your current tab? We've shown you how to fix that in Firefox with an about:config tweak. To solve the same problem in Chrome, you need the Tabby extension.

Making new tabs open on the far right is literally all Tabby does. If (like this editor) you like your tabs to stay in order so you can quickly access them using the Ctrl-Number shortcut, it's pretty much essential.



    I used to hate this in Firefox. I could never be arsed learning how to change it, so I learnt to live with it, so when I changed for Chrome, it didn't bother me. Now I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Opera, the best browser around that's never mentioned here has this option built-in under Preferences -> Tabs.

    "New Tab Always Last" ( has a less sexy name but has been around for ages.

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