Switch To Mac Helps Alleviate The Pain Of Switching From Windows To Mac

Windows and Mac OS X aren't vastly different operating systems, but moving from one to another is definitely capable of taking a person out of their comfort zone. If you're new to Mac, or know someone who is, and need a helping hand, Switch to Mac is a helpful app you can grab for $1.19 that'll demystify the process.

Switch to Mac isn't much more than a guided set of video tutorials, but it's hard to argue a comprehensive education isn't worth $1.19 when it's something you need to learn. The $1.19 price is currently a launch special, and the app is available exclusively in the Mac App Store. While you're at it, be sure to check out our guide on switching to Mac as well — it's free!

Switch to Mac [via TUAW]


    But it just works, because it's magical and revolutionary and cool and costs a lot more and,... I'm sorry. What were we talking about?

      you mean, like the iphone gives you the 'full' internet, except everyone has to make special mobile versions for it.

    Haters gonna hate, I guess.

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