Stop Birds From Flying Into Your Windows With UV Decals

Millions of birds die each year by flying unsuspectedly into people's windows and glass doors. If you want to save or prevent birds from smashing into your home, static-cling UV decals are an easy solution.Photo from WindowAlert

If you've never witnessed a bird die from striking a window, you probably don't think window strikes are a big problem. Unfortunately, a great many people have windows and doors that are like death magnets for birds, simply because of the locations of the windows and doors.

The folks at Cool Tools found an easy and unobtrusive solution to this problem: Window Alert UV decals that are nearly invisible to people but glow brightly (like stoplights) to birds. The static-cling decals come in a 4-pack and cost under $US7. Placed on the outside of your windows, the decals—which come in various shapes—look like frosted or etched glass.

Another solution is to use UV film designed to insulate your windows. That film is applied to the inside of the entire window (no etched glass image effect here) and have the added benefit of saving energy.

Window Alert [Cool Tools]


    We have UV film on the inside of all of the floor to ceiling windows at work.. Birds still fly into them (at great speed going on the gut wrenching thuds).

    UV film filters out UV light. The UV decals reflect it. Different science.

    Kai, I would like to check with you. Have this product been installed properly? Could you please comment on the density of the decals? Have they been installed correctly (the correct way for UV reflection?) How old are they as it is mentioned that they only last 6 months. Are the decals at your work still active? Are they tested with UV detectors? I will appreciate your response on these questions.


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