Starting Page Makes Your Google Searches Completely Anonymous

Google's a great search engine, but search privacy has long been a concern for some. If you want to search privately without leaving Google, Start Page is a simple web app that can act as a proxy for your searches.

Starting Page operates just like any search: you enter terms, press search and get results. In this case, however, you're still searching Google but Starting Page goes out and performs the search for you. This way Starting Page is tracked for performing the search and you're not, keeping your search private.

Starting Page [via One Thing Well]


    I tried this simple search, "best caffeine free coffee" on both engines and got different results for both, although neither was particularly helpful! I did notice that Starting Page had several "SPONSORED RESULTS" up first though. Still, I think I preferred Google's results, as it seems cleaner and less cluttered! :}

    How can you tell if someone is mining your data, reading your emails, monitering your search history or just looking over your shoulder? Google google and CIA. Partners?

      talk about irony....<>

    couldn't startingpage just be monitoring your search behavior... and as fewer people use startingpage there is less of an "anonymity in numbers" effect.

    I've always used scroogle, which does the same thing but removes sponsored results. It does give a slightly different set of results than just using google, but i suspect it's due to the fact that scroogle is based in the US, so it fudges location based search.

    Compare results for 'lolita novel' with google. 4chan is also censored.

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