Some Kogan LivePrice Items Have Already Sold Out

Some Kogan LivePrice Items Have Already Sold Out

I’ve been keeping an eye on what’s happening with the LivePrice offers that electronics retailer Kogan launched last week, and something odd occurred yesterday: prices for some items were lower than they had been when the first items went on sale. The explanation? The first batch had already sold out, so the whole process has kicked off again.

The two items that have already gone into “second runs” are the HD video camera and a 32″ LED TV. Right now, the TV is selling for $419.50, which is a tad below what people were paying for it a week ago at the beginning of the first run. The camera arguably represents a better bargain right now; it’s going for $249.50, but the prices for the last run went as high as $290 before it sold out. That said, the second batch won’t be shipped until the end of April.

What can we learn from this? Obviously, some people are willing to pay a bargain price and wait two or three months for their goods.


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