Slight Google Toolbar Tweak Rolling Out, Sign Of Bigger Things?

A toolbar redesign has been slowly reaching more and more users at the Google homepage and in Gmail. It's not a change in any functionality, though having a dedicated settings gear and sign-out spot on the right side is nice. TechCrunch, however, sees it as related to Google's "+1" social network launch, which is certainly an interesting idea. [TechCrunch]


    Not feeling the tweak. I hope Google will change back this setting. It's an unnecessary extra step to sign out of my Gmail and/or Google account.

      Why the extra step? Why does everything have to be connected to everything else? Facebook, twitter, sign in to Yahoo mail with gmail account. What for?!? I just want email. No connection, syndication, digg, etc., just email

    Why hide the 'sign out' button behind the username, then force users to click twice in order to sign out?
    Is that good for customers, or just good for Google? I would rather support a company that is customer oriented above all things.

    A huge and extremely stupid design fail. Signing out is the one operation you always have to do. It used to take one click. Now it takes two. Why Google why?

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