Registration For Vodafone Nexus S Open In Australia

Just a quick reminder: as we reported last night, you can now "register your interest" in buying the Nexus S through Vodafone. And yes, we know: Vodafone. [Vodafone Nexus]


    Why?!?!?! Vodafone are TERRIBLE!

    This makes me sad...

    Honest question - who would sign up to Vodafone given the current state of it's network? Hoping the Atrix doesn't end up on Vodafone.

      Steve, if the Atrix ends up on Vodafone, I will give up on smart phones and buy one of those Telstra tough phones and beat myself with it.

    While it is great news that the Nexus S is coming to Australia, it is also really really upsetting that Vodafone are the ones bringing it. How does this happen? The device is going to be less "well received" as it could have been due to the network behind it.
    It's like a mime performing for blind people, it just wont work properly.

    does this nexus S device support 720p? vodafone says it does, but i've read otherwise.

    and will it be available on prepaid?

      No pricing details yet. Vodafone has offered outright buy options in the past, so we'll have to wait and see -- though with the amount of noise around the announcement, I suspect contract will be the focus.

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