Recompute Is An Environmentally Friendly Cardboard Computer

One of the concerns many environmentalists have voiced lately is how hard it is to recycle old computers. The cases themselves represent a lot of metal, and unless you specially recycle them they will end up directly in a landfill taking up space.

Recompute aims to address the core of this issue. They are a computer manufacturer, but unlike any other their main focus is on the life-cycle of the PC, from creation to decommissioning.

The computer case itself is made out of cardboard. This recycle-friendly material means that when your computer finally bites the dust, you can literally throw it in your recycling bin (sans components). You can purchase a ready-made computer (complete with Windows 7 or Ubuntu) or build your own by buying the case and providing your own components (MATX motherboard).

The Sustainable Computer [via OMG!Ubuntu]


    Wow $200 (with a 400w power supply of unknown quality) for the DIY kit seems a little high. I like the idea though.

    "An office fire broke out today, when an conditioner failed, when some environmentally friendly Computers caught fire... "

    .. aluminium is recyclable yanno..

    Sounds like a good idea until it catches fire from a fan not working.

    All councils should have a system in place where you can take Metals, Glass, Plastic, Paper/Cardboard & E-Waste to your local Tip & recycle it free of charge.

    My local council does this & encourages it.

    According to another review, this case is too fragile to be practicable. Unless you dont mind your motherboard retreating into the case as you plug in usb plugs for the sake of being green.

    This will go great with my cardboard hairdryer and oven!

    Wood can be recycled too.
    It would look a lot better!

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