Plex For Android Streams Music And Video From Your Media Centre

Android: Plex is a great media centre, and has a really convenient iOS app. Now that same app, minus the remote control (for now), is available for browsing and viewing your media centre content on your much smaller screen.

Remote control function is coming soon, Plex promises, but in the meantime, you can peruse your auto-managed library and stream media to your Android. The streaming requires a bit of routing setup, similar to hooking up iOS and your computer through Plex.

Plex for Android is a free app. The developers note it's not tablet optimised and also might not work on every Android device.

Plex for Android [Android Market via @nathos]


    Actually it's $5, and regularly crashed in my testing.

    "Plex for Android is a free app."

    I just looked in the Android Market. This app costs $4.99 which != free.

    at the moment i believe this is the best dlna/upnp streaming app, even though its still in early beta. you just need somethingn like rockplayer to play divx etc content.

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