Picasa Web Albums Now Have More Storage

Picasa Web Albums Now Have More Storage

Picasa Web Albums Now Have More StorageThe free 1GB of storage you get with Picasa Web Albums will now stretch a little further: a change in the way usage is calculated means that small image files and videos don’t count towards the total.

Google Operating System notes that pictures smaller than 800 pixels, and videos shorter than 15 minutes, no longer count towards your usage total. That makes using the Picasa Web Albums space particularly appealing for storing pictures for blogs and other online usage.

Store More Photos and Videos in Picasa Web Albums [Google Operating System]


  • Too little, too late for me. I went ahead and got myself a Flickr Pro account because Picasa was too small and restrictive (plsu additional space is prohibitively expensive).

      • Sorry neither applies to me.

        My other alternative was SmugMug, but for $40/year and no free account (I think it only has a free week trial) I decided to go for Flickr.

        I should point out that Flickr and SmugMug both allow unlimited image storage, whereas Google charges in tiers for storage. I don’t know about you but my photo collection tends to grow rather than stay static. Long term Picasa looks like an expensive investment.

        Angus – Maybe this would be a good topic for an article? Online photo storage round up?

      • I think the shill comment is a little uncalled for. I’m a flickr pro user. Last year I considered switching to picasa. I didn’t for a few reasons. I share the account with my wife and it would have been annoying for her to have to sign out and in between her username and mine. The storage you buy is shared between other google services. When I calculated how much it would cost based on current flickr usage it would have been more expensive for picasa, (the $25 is per year, not per month as stated above)

        Not that it matters at the moment. I just checked picasa after reading this story and it won’t let me add storage because google apps accounts are not supported. So the error message says when I clicked on add storage.

  • Prohibitively expensive? No way!

    But it does depend how much you store in Picasa I guess.

    I did the opposite a while back – I cancelled my Flickr Pro and went for the much cheaper $5/year for 20GB of space and even though I have a lot of photos and store them fully in original size I’ve barely hit 50% of my usage.

    You can also pay $20/yr for 80GB with Picasa.

    Flickr Pro by comparison is unlimited, but costs $24.95/month

    So obviously you need to have stored more than 80GB of photos before it becomes cheaper with Flickr.

    • Flickr Pro is $25/year not per month.

      Every time I go out and take photos, I tend to take 1-2 GB. I think I’m already well on my way to 200 GB – that would be $50/year or more on Picasa.

      And yes, I upload all of them for backup purposes.

  • After a bit of research I have gone with mejuba.com

    My reasoning, I will just paste from their homepage:

    Unmetered traffic
    no restrictions on monthly traffic or quotas

    Download of originals
    alway access to your uploaded originals

    No scaling of photos
    uploaded photos and videos are saved in the original form

    Unlimited storage
    upload and store as many photos and videos as you want

    Upload folders
    upload folders while retaining your PC folder structure

    No filesize limit
    upload up to 1GB per upload

    For free

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