Paper Clip Your Blinds For Increased Light (Without Sacrificing Privacy)

Blinds are a great invention for keeping your home life private, but blocking out the sun doesn't exactly make your living room feel homey. Reader Andy has a great solution: keep the top half of your blinds open with paper clips.

I live on the second floor. To preserve my privacy, I keep my blinds closed enough to prevent others from looking in to my window (it faces a road), but that doesn't leave me enough light in the morning to help wake me up. By paper clipping every other row starting at the top of the blinds, I increase the amount of light that comes in while maintaining my privacy, since no one can see anything but my ceiling through the top rows of the blinds.


    The dude could've cleaned em first! Apart from that, you should keep in mind that a lot of Venetians particularly ally ones will crease very easily and it's near impossible to get out!! :}

    Ever heard of a duster?

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