Norton Cybercrime Index Tracks Trends In Malware And Online Evil

Online criminals move fast, seeking to take advantage of developments in the news or freshly-exposed vulnerabilities. Norton’s new Cybercrime Index site tracks current trends in the malware world, identifying the most commonly “poisoned” search terms, sites which are particularly dangerous and provided a daily percentage score measuring just how active cyber-criminals are.

Knowing the current trends doesn’t obviate the need to follow the basic steps in keeping your PC safe: use strong, unique passwords (and a good password manager), keeping your system updated and patched, running a good security suite, and staying alert. But it does provide an interesting insight into what’s happening on the seamier side of the Internet, and a useful heads-up for the emails and calls you might be getting if (like many Lifehacker readers) you’re the go-to person for friends and family when it comes to computer security issues.

Norton Cybercrime Index

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