No Current Plans For webOS Tablets In Australia

No Current Plans For webOS Tablets In Australia

HP’s announcement this week of the TouchPad, a tablet using the webOS technology it acquired when it bought Palm, has attracted a lot of attention. Sadly, there don’t seem to be any immediate plans to release the devices (or anything else running webOS) in Australia.

Nick at Gizmodo got straight onto HP to ask about launch plans, and got told that “HP will first be targeting markets where webOS is currently available”. Given that we’ve never seen the Palm Pre officially launched here, that does seem to translate as “Don’t hold your breath — we’re not just talking iPad-style delays here”. There will, as Nick suggests, be plenty of parallel importing going on, but it’s disappointing that HP isn’t committing more fully to webOS as a global platform.

HP’s WebOS Products Not Coming To Australia Any Time Soon [Gizmodo]


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