Mozy Drops Unlimited Backups, Introduces New Pricing

Mozy Drops Unlimited Backups, Introduces New Pricing

Mozy—our previously favourite tool for setting up foolproof, off-site backups—has changed its pricing, most notably dropping unlimited backup plans. Bummer for Mozy users. Here are the details:

Under the new plan, you can back up 50GB on one computer for $US6/month, or 125GB on up to three computers for $US9.99/month. Current Mozy unlimited can keep their unlimited backup through their last payment term (for example, I’m pretty sure I paid for a year last month, so I should be good through December 2011). For all other existing customers, the new plans will take effect on March 1. As a loyal Mozy unlimited user, I admit I didn’t really know how much I was backing up, so I checked the computer I back up the least from: Turns out, it’s 226GB. Uh oh.

You can add an additional 20GB of storage to the 125GB account for $US2/month per 20GB, so we’re talking an extra $US10/month for an additional 100GB. In my case, for example, I’d need to pay $US20/month to back up this one computer—up from my previous $US5/month for the unlimited plan.

I love Mozy, and have been using them loyally for years, but this is a pretty huge price jump. Mozy explains the increase by discussing how much more data users are making these days—which I suppose is true, but then storage gets cheaper every year, too, right?

Oz ed note: Using unlimited online backup in Australia has often been problematic anyway because of the existence of upload limits on many ISP plans, which is something our US cousins are only just discovering as a nasty market reality. That said, shifting from unlimited to 50GB is a pretty big shift.

From a business perspective, we can sympathise, but from a user perspective, this is potentially a big problem. Mozy seems to think all backup services that offer unlimited plans will be heading in this direction, and that may be true. Either way, it looks like we may be on the hunt for alternatives.

While we do our hunting, you may want to check out our Hive Five best online backup tools. And if you’ve got an online backup alternative with unlimited plans that you’re happy with (I know a lot of people like Carbonite), we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

New Plans [Mozy]


  • I am in the same situation. Just log on and saw that I back up around 250 gig so far and my plan expire at the beginning of March. So look like I will be switching to Carbonite

  • Crashplan works well and is good value. If you get the crashplan+ family plan you get unlimited backup space for you and family or friends at $6 US per month. I have found the upload speed a bit slow, but when I recently lost my files they were all restored without a hiccup.

  • I’ve been a Mozy customer for years, but the price change more than doubles my bill. Goodbye Mozy, we’ve enjoyed your service but I have to make the break.

  • One thing I look for now is if the service offers support for mapped network drives.
    I store all my important stuff on a RAID5 NAS mapped to a drive letter.
    MozyHome and Carbonite both don’t support support this, MozyPro will but for a it is/was more expensive.

  • My last payment was for $103 for two years. My next payment will be $839 for two years. And that’s only if I never add any more files (420 GB, currently). That pretty much makes it a deal killer for me. What a shame, I loved Mozy. At least my account doesn’t expire until June of 2012, so I have plenty of time to come up with an alternative.

    I tried Carbonite (before settling on Mozy) and hated it. The bandwidth throttling they use makes it useless to me. I did the math and it would have taken something like 2 years to do my first, initial backup (I don’t remember the exact amount of time, but it was completely unusable). Also, video files were not selected to be backed up by default (even in a folder that *is* selected to be backed up), so I would have to remember to add every video file to the backup manually (which is one of my highest-priority file types to have backed up).

    If, in fact, they all do go this way and I’m going to have to pay nearly $500/year to any online backup provider I want to use, it looks like the online backup solution simply isn’t going to work for me. 🙁

  • Interesting issue the unlimited now becoming very limited for so many. As some of the examples show it will cost people a lot stay backed up online with Mozy. The alternatives are to look around or to get smart with what is backed up. Remove the crap and only use the cloud for what you really, really need backed up online.

    Carbonite is unlimited for AU$72.

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