Make A Memo Holder Out Of A Cereal Box

If you're not using your finished cereal boxes for drawer organisers, gift boxes, or an army of DIY projects, you can also create this really nice upcycled memo holder that'll fit nicely on your wall.

DIY arts and crafts blogger Patricia Zapata has created a really simple memo holder out of an old cereal box that actually looks really nice (and potentially smells good, too, if you like your sugar cereals and aren't repurposing a box of Fiber One). While the measurements need to be precise, it looks like a fairly easy project. Patricia's provided some simple instructions in PDF format so you can easily make a cereal box memo holder of your own. Head on over to the full post to see more pictures and watch a video demonstration as well.

Recycling Project - Memo Holder [A Little Hut]


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