Lift Your Car On A Jack Faster With A Drill

If you've got a scissor jack and don't particularly enjoy slowly lifting your car one lever pull at a time, YouTube user stThicket offers the simple trick in the video above: use an electric drill with a hook as the bit. [YouTube via Gizmodo]


    I was going to "Poo Poo" this idea, but seeing it in action I think I like it!! :]

    I'm constantly surprised by what I see on LH. So many things which I would have thought to be common knowledge, apparently are not. I know about [some of] these things, but I don't think to share them with everyone else. I guess that's why we need Lfehacker. <3


    BTW if you are wondering what to use as a hook I used a tent peg (I was changing the tyre on the camping trailer - so it seemed only fitting!) It worked a treat! The tent peg fits just right in the chuck, and was strong enough not to bend - don't make my mistake and have the drill on too fast though!

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