Licking Your iPhone Is Not A Shocking Experience


Granted, it’s probably not something you were planning on doing anyway, but we’re pleased to report that licking the mute button on an iPhone does not, in fact, give you an electric shock.

A recent email from a Lifehacker reader suggested that iPhone licking could replicate that familiar experience of what happens if you lick the top of a 9-volt battery:

If you put your tongue on the mute switch you get a hefty tingle.

Was that really true? I don’t own an iPhone, and I couldn’t persuade anyone in the office to try licking their own iPhone. However, the ever-helpful Twitter community came to the rescue, and quickly confirmed that, for both the 3GS and 4 models, licking an iPhone mute switch didn’t result in anything other than a slight loss of personal dignity. So there you have it.


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