Let Your Smartphone Write Bibliographies For You

If you’re in university (or went to university), you know that the worst part of writing a paper is trying to crank out a bibliography/works cited page at the very end when you’re brain dead and running late for class. A group of ambitious young students at the University of Waterloo want to bring an end to that with Quick Cite.

Quick Cite lets you use the camera on an iOS or Android smartphone to scan a barcode and have the app email you a properly formatted entry (in MLA, APA, Chicago, or IEEE formats). [iTunes via Fast Company]


  • bibme.org is much more useful, doesn’t always get things spot on, but you can search by title, I’d say it’s found 75% of references I’ve used since I came across it maybe 18 months ago. You set up an account and you can just log back in and add to the list anytime, then produce the list for the site, tweak it, and you’re ready to go.

    Re: referencing in general, try writing up the reference (or using the above) as soon as you grab a text, before you read it. It only takes a minute and saves the mad hunt at editing time when you realise you referenced an article you can’t find again.

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