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Our Uni Success Guide attracted lots of interest, but you also wanted to know how to complain, locate missing people in Christchurch and why open plan offices don’t always work. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Google Person Finder Helps Locate Christchurch Residents
    In the wake of the Christchurch earthquake, Google has developed a person finder app to help people locate friends or relatives from the area. A potentially very useful option if you can’t make telephone contact.
  2. Your Uni PC: Netbook Versus Notebook
    There’s pretty much no question that you’ll want a portable computer for use at university, but should you go the cheap and cheerful netbook route or splurge on a powerhouse that will see you through your degree? Lifehacker student readers weigh up the alternatives.
  3. Edward Radke’s Golden Rules For University Study
    When we asked for your tips on surviving university life, commerce/law student Edward Radke responded with an extensive selection of real-world tips for studying successful. Here’s his take on how to make the most of your time at university.
  4. How To Buy University Textbooks On The Cheap
    The beginning of the year traditionally sees students everywhere spending ludicrous amounts of money on textbooks. Here’s some tried and tested strategies to help trim your textbook budget.
  5. How To Complain To Get What You Want (Without Being A Huge Arsehole)
    Corporations may seem large, powerful and intimidatingly faceless, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for what you’re given. You have a voice and you can use it to complain to get what you want. Here’s how.
  6. Essential Software For University Students
    We’ve covered choosing a laptop or a netbook, but what software do you need to ensure a productive university experience? Here’s some quick thoughts across the key categories.
  7. Bring A Little Sunshine To Your Desktop With These Wallpapers
    Download a little sunshine to brighten up your desktop and match the weather outside. This week we’ve selected seven sunny wallpapers.
  8. How To Get A Job That’s Out Of Your League
    We’ve looked at applying for a job when you have no relevant experience, but what about when your experience is relevant but the job is just way out of your league? Here are a few strategies to help.
  9. Screenshot And Feature Tour Of Mac OS 10.7 Lion
    Apple’s newest iteration of their desktop operating system is coming mid-year, but we got a chance to play around with the developer beta to see some of the new features coming to Mac OS X. Here’s what you can expect.
  10. The Non-Open-Plan Office
    Open-plan offices are pretty much the standard approach these days, but that doesn’t mean they work for everyone. When Australian software developers Campaign Monitor moved to new premises, having closed offices for each team member was a key requirement, but the end result is anything but stodgy.

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