Just How Many Australians Use Facebook?

Just How Many Australians Use Facebook?

At a recent US conference, Facebook claimed to have almost 10 million Australian users. However, the number you get from Facebook depends on how you ask.

Nick over at Gizmodo reported on a presentation by Facebook’s head of agency relations which suggest that Facebook has more than 10 million active users, and 6.6 million of those check in daily. However, if you try and set up an ad on Facebook and target it to Australians, then the site claims you have a potential reach of some 8.2 million people. That’s somewhat lower than the 10 million “active” users claimed by Facebook in that presentation.

One possible factor in the reduced number quoted by Facebook’s ad site: it only counts people over the age of 18, while Facebook allows you to sign up from the age of 13. If that’s the main reason, then there are almost 1.8 million teenagers signed up on Facebook, and marketers everywhere must be spitting chips at not being allowed to target them.

Whichever way you look at it, they’re ridiculously large and impressive numbers — but when even Facebook itself can’t be consistent in reporting them, a grain of salt remains helpful.

6.6 Million Australians Check Facebook Daily [Gizmodo]


  • I find it hard to believe that many aussies would be using facebook. I mean, I know its the bees knees amongst some folk, but we only have a population of about 22 million. 8-10 million active users is a pretty huge chunk of the population. You would have to assume multiple account usage in there somewhere.

  • Looks like social media is really taking off in Australia. Give or take 4 million or so Aussies. With the uptake of portable devices, iphone and android and the NBN more Australians are going to end up connecting. Half the population … I wouldn’t be surprised 2015.

  • I can’t stand facebook, but what annoys me the most is government organisations / other organisations being lazy and using facebook to distribute information. E.g. flooding / cyclones and the queensland police (who’s official information page was a facebook page).

    I guess it shows how much the government sucks at making websites when they choose to use facebook instead of their own sites.

    • wow!!! you clearly don’t get social media.

      people check facebook, they don’t tend to go out of their way to visit an external site. it’s the reason why facebook is so popular. should you also claim that all 8.2 million australians are ‘lazy’ and should go build their own websites to post updates?

      creating a network is what social media is all about. the QPS using facebook to release information was probably the smartest thing they’ve done. they now have 172,000 people reading their updates – for free. no cost to taxpayers to build, maintain and host an external website.

      if you can’t ‘stand’ facebook, then i think the issue lies with you and not the QPS service.

      • I prefer decentralised social networking (e.g. blogs, blog comments, feeds, trackbacks) to the centralised (and therefore more easily controlled and monetised) systems such as facebook and twitter.

        I watched an interesting talk (more like a rant) by Douglas Rushkoff, talking to marketers at the end of a conference about marketing in social networks such as fb and twitter, where Rushkoff railed against the centralised, controlled monetisation of our social interactions. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

        Here’s the video: http://bit.ly/fMyY5r
        And here’s Rushkoff’s blog entry on the subject: http://bit.ly/g8gkS3

  • I’d rather they used Facebook than wasted millions of dollars on consultants to build their own…..provided I don’t need a Facebook account to vie them. Is this possible?

  • Normally when i post photos or comment on my wall, my friends can see it straight away when they log into their facebook. But since i changed to timeline they can’t see the photos or post that i put on my wall please help me !

    Thanx Heaps

  • Let’s face it, you cannot depend on this data! Another example of how this is vastly out of sync with the real world is when you set up age demographic campaigns. When you reach out to all AUS FB members, it states over 11.5m. If you then split this down in to age demographics and add them all together, it’s currently over 23 MILLION! So, to that end, everyone in AUS is using FB – illegal immigrants taboot!

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