How Much Cloud Computing Is Used At Your Workplace?

How Much Cloud Computing Is Used At Your Workplace?

There’s been lots of discussion about using cloud technologies to make business more efficient, and our forthcoming TechLines panel will take an in-depth look at the benefits and the pitfalls. How heavily has cloud computing already impacted your workplace?

Cloud computing involves more than just storing data online; it should offer the option of additional processing power as and when you need it. We’re curious as to how far cloud computing has penetrated into the workplaces of Lifehacker readers?

If you’ve got more to say than those options cover, tell us in the comments.


  • That question depends entirely on how you interpret the word ‘Cloud’, which to me still sounds like marketing guff. We run virtualized in-house infrastructure if that counts.

  • We just finished rolling out a completely virtual environment, the only thing stored on the physical machines is the client used to log into the virtual machine.

  • We’ve been gradually moving most of our key software to webservices, just hosted from within the company. It gives us some of the advantages of truly being in the cloud, but not all. – we don’t have the resilience to hardware failure or near- instant addition of resources that ‘the true cloud’ brings with it. Our contracts with the government require us being able to point out exactly where all their data is physically stored by our company, and having a rack of servers we can point at keeps them happy.

  • I agree with pdf, the definition of “cloud” (indeed wanky marketing guff) needs to be addressed.

    All of our servers are self-hosted VMs, we use McAfee Total Protection, MessageLabs, Zscaler etc (all ‘cloud’-based) but the majority of our gear is local still…

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