How Do You Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

Bad breath is not a fun problem to have and it can be a hard problem to get rid of. We've looked at some foods that help bad breath, but that's not always enough. What are your tips and tricks to keeping your breath smelling fresh all day long?

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CNN suggests staying hydrated and drinking green tea. What about you? Share your suggestions in the comments.

Bad breath? Break free — and how to tell a friend [CNN via The Consumerist]


    Anything to keep the saliva moving like drinking, eating and even chewing gum. I prefer munching on fruit, carrots or any crunchy or juicy foods. Brushing your teeth is a good idea but it only affects the mouth and the bad breath could be from your throat.

    Most bad breath is caused by bad dental hygiene if your not flossing daily then you probably have an element of bad breath all the time. So floss daily and brush two to three times daily and avoid garlic and potent smelling foods...

    Doesn't get much better than Dr Karl Kruszelnicki on "Bum Breath"...

    I fixed mine by having 7 wisdom teeth (I'm a dental freak) extracted and getting the infection cleaned up

    Bed breath; Haliotosis is cuased by dry mouth but also due to pooooooooor dental hygine. Bad odor causing food cause bad odor but that is not coming from mouth but that is coming from sweat or presipiration after eating that odor causing foods and rotting that bacteria. Flossing is more essential than brushing itself meaning if you have time for either of two flossing supercede brushing. flossing is proven beneficial also in cardiological diseases. Bottom line... Floss twice or every time after meal.... brush twice a day and most especially right before bed... keep hydrated (8-10 cups of water)....avoid carbonated drinks, and may avoid "bad odor causing" food or combine them with neutralizing foods/spices.

    I changed my diet to a 'Slow Carb' diet and my breath changed. I am eating lots of Vegetables and Protein with very little sugar, no fruit and no white carbs, ie bread, and of course no sweet drinks or lollies etc.

    As I train I still drink lots of water (so stay very hydrated) plus I drink 2 green tea's a day and neither stop the bad breath.

    Although fruit juice is empty calories I am thinking that something sweet will improve your breath, as long as you are brushing daily.

    If not chew some gum after every meal.

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