Hang A Picture With An Old Pop Can Tab

Hang A Picture With An Old Pop Can Tab

If you have a frame that’s doesn’t have a wire on the back for hanging, you don’t need to go searching for a way to hang it up. All you need is a screw and an old pop can.

In order to pull this off, we’ll need to remove the pull tab from the pop can without damaging it. With a small pair of pliers, grab the short end of the tab and pull it out slowly — the rivet ring should still be intact once you get it off. Then, just thread a screw through the rivet ring and onto the back of your frame. The top of the tab will provide a nice small hole from which you can hang the frame on a nail in your wall. Hit the link for a full photo walkthrough.

Technique: Pull Tab Picture Hanger [Make]


  • Crap idea. It requires you to get the “hanger” perfectly centred otherwise the picture will sit lopsided. At least with the wire hangers you can move it left and right to balance it out properly.

    • You could try putting a hanger on each side of the frame and running wire between them. I’m not sure how sturdy it would be, but at least you’d be able to make some adjustments to get the picture to hang straight.

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