Green And Grey: A Closet Workspace Makeover

When space is at a premium you have to fit your workspace in wherever you can. Today's featured workspace is tucked inside a closed turned home office.

Lifehacker reader Chelsea McGowan had an ugly closet with cruddy bi-fold doors but no home office. The obvious solution? Rip the doors off the closet and upgrade the space into a home office. She added two IKEA organisers and linked them with a custom cut piece of wood to make a DIY desk similar in design to the classic door-on-file-cabinets design. She also put in a shelf to store her books and media high up and out of the way (as well as provide a mount for her TV). No word on where her clothes went after this transformation but the former closet space is definitely being put to good use.

Green and Grey: A Closet Workspace Makeover [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    I love these colours, but I could never use it at home - it's the same colour scheme the place I work out at (CrossFit 42) uses, and I'd just be in the complete wrong mentality for writing with the association they create in my mind.

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