Google Search Now Returns Australian Postcode Results

A small but handy time saver: if you want to find the postcode for an Australian town, enter its name and the word 'postcode' into Google and it will now tell you automatically without needing to delve into other sites.

The search is a little finicky — if you put the word 'postcode' first, Google doesn't provide its own result, and it doesn't work for town names that exist in more than one state. However, it's still useful, and if you combine it with a Google-enabled browser search box, then you've got instant postcode lookup on your desktop. Neat.

Google postcode results for AU: productivity booster [rainbowtatt]


    Now this is extremely handy.

    Great feature... but unfortunately does not yet work for two word postcodes.

    Search 'Brighton' and it'll work... search 'Brighton East' and you'll just get a normal Google Search.

      Did you try with quote marks around "Brighton East"?

      I can't test it here at work because I only have IE 6, where the postcode search doesn't even work for Brighton.

      Still, this is a handy feature and one which I'm sure I'll make use of at home (in Chrome, yay).

    At present, this works for some but not all postcodes. For example, Marrickville Postcode on Google Australia gives you the correct answer, but Gerringong Postcode on Google Australia just gives you regular search results.

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