Google Cloud Connect Gives Your Microsoft Office Docs Web Powers

Google Cloud Connect Gives Your Microsoft Office Docs Web Powers

You use Microsoft Office at work, but want to get the simultaneous editing, revision history, instant backup and other tools that Google Docs offers. One solution launched by Google today: Cloud Connect, an Office add-on for Word, Excel and PowerPoint that bridges the gap between Google and Office desktop apps.

Not that Office’s own Web Apps aren’t comparable, but for collaborating between the two different ecosystems, this looks ideal. [Docs Blog]


  • I think they need to do something about the toolbar installed on the MS apps……..autohide would be good, integration with MS toolbars would be good, smaller size would be good….but it seems fixed, large and obtrusive. I wasn’t prepared to give up the real estate it wanted so deleted it.

  • Has anyone actually tried this? I doesn’t work well at all.

    You have to use *just* Microsoft Office. If you open a file online in a browser, then you can no longer open it in Microsoft.

    Other products like Gladinet or Syncdocs offer decent Google to Microsoft synch.

  • Google cloud connect works but all the instructions come up in Spanish! Yes I have set the language to English everywhere and have searched. I am not alone- seems they have a bug of significance in the language settings

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