Glowing Glass And Peering Into Infinity: A Bright, Clean Workspace

Glowing Glass And Peering Into Infinity: A Bright, Clean Workspace

Some of the most attractive and practical workspaces are clean, simple and organised. Philip’s desk offers all of those things while adding beautiful light and desktop within a desktop.

Philip explains how it all came together:

I was tired of working on small, THIN computer work tables. I started sizing up a proper surface and surfing through the IKEA catalogue. For some reason the idea of edge lighting a glass top came to mind and I found IKEA has one called the Vika Glasholm. It comes in a few different flavors but I liked the plain frosted one. The frosting helps diffuse the light of the LEDs. Wiring the LEDs was relativley easy too. The rest of the furniture is pretty standard IKEA fare, finding the glass was the major breakthrough. Local custom glass shops wanted about twice as much as IKEA for the 3/8 glass of a similar size (30×60) and thats without any frosting. The LEDs and the powersupply cost almost as much as the glass!

The personal Black and White photos make me feel at home, the archicterual theme is very personal, unlike most of the work I do for clients, I think it helps anchor me.

Once finished, Philip also made his desktop a picture of his workspace.

Philip Basil’s Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Flickr Pool]


  • Looks great ! Impressed that, with a concept in mind ,all the pieces came together to give a great effect. My problem is no matter how hard I try after a few days computing it looks like a junk yard. Cd’s , paper notes , USB cables, mp3 players etc etc get strewn across what was a nice clean space. Obviously that doesn’t happen here? Stephen

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