'Compact' Design Could Eliminate Chrome's Address Bar

Chrome designers are looking at four models for the browser's future interface, though only two are intended for "active" development. One of them is a "Compact" look, which drops Chrome's distinct Omnibox address/search bar entirely in favour of drop-down URL entry fields when new tabs are hovered over or clicked. Pretty soon, your browser may look like it's running in full-screen mode all the time. [Conceivably Tech]


    This is stupid idea. I think Chrome is great as is, at the moment. I loathe tabs being played with. Tab are tabs are tabs. Why doesn't Google update the 'right side' mouse operations?


    I am very much looking forward to this. Recovering usable vertical space is always a good thing, for me at least.


    Apparently these mockups are not new and have been in the Chrome design wiki/docs for a while.
    That said, I'm quite looking forward to the about:flags option to let me use this new compact view. I generally couldn't care any less what the address bar says as long as I can alt-D to it for typing.

    I can just see the phishers rejoicing when this comes out.

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