CD3WD Archives The Information Necessary To Rebuild Society

The world economy has collapsed. There is no internet or Wikipedia. How do you rebuild society?

CD3WD is a site built by programmer Alex Weir that's meant to help spur the improvement of the infrastructure of third world nations by giving them first-world technology and knowledge for free.

Everything from agriculture to technology is addressed in its roughly 4 DVDs worth of the archived information available online and for free in text and PDF format; it's also available to download in its entirety from this torrent.

Not only is this project a great information resource for third-world countries, but if you are of the survivalist mindset, this resource would be great to keep in your tool chest for possible use in the future if such a civilisation-ending disaster ever did occur. Think of it as a repository of some of the most useful human knowledge and technology.

The project is also looking for volunteers to add content to areas which are missing substantive content. Photo from Wikipedia.



    This is a great idea. The greatest strength of the human race, apart from having a complex brain, hands and being able to communicate, is to pass down our knowledge from our mistakes and successes to the next generation. It's fundamental to our survival. We lose that, for whatever reason, disease that wipes out 99% of the population, or asteroid(s) etc... we go back to square 1.

      And the greatest weakness of the human race is failing to hand that knowledge down!

      I agree that this is indeed a great idea :D

    If there is a civilisation ending disaster there will be no electicity. IF EMP weapons are involved, no electronic equipment will work.

    The DVD's are going to be useless.
    To really ensure survival in an armageddon event, the information has to be in books.

    Survivalists, don't throw away your old text-books.

    So how do we access this information on the DVDs, Internet or Hard Drives when there is no electricity and/or our computing infrastructure melts down?

      Use a generator

    Terrible idea.
    The technical civilization almost destroyed the planet. It may yet do so.
    If it collapses it should not be rebuilt.

      We must learn from our mistakes, if how we use technology kills us then we must learn to use our technological advances differently.

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