Canonical's New Component Catalogue Makes Building A Linux-Friendly PC Easy

Building a PC is great, but Linux users have always had to do the extra legwork of finding out which components were Linux-friendly. Now, Ubuntu developers Canonical have released a comprehensive list of hardware certified to work with Linux.

While there have always been some community-driven compatibility pages on the Ubuntu website, there hasn't been a comprehensive guide like this in a while. Before, the best way to find out if a component was Linux-friendly was to Google it, or search through the comments on Newegg — but not anymore. You can browse the catalog by the hardware provider (Intel, nVidia, Broadcom, etc) or by category (Audio, Video, Network, etc.), as well as search the database for a specific component. It'll also tell you which pre-built PCs utilise those components, so if you don't feel like building your own PC, you can find out which ones are certified to work with Linux. It's a great resource for Linux users (or even Linux hobbyists) that don't want to deal with the headaches of Linux-unfriendly hardware. Hit the link to check it out.

Ubuntu Component Catalog [via PC World]


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