Astonishingly, Beetroot In A Chocolate Cake Works Well

Last week, after sharing the idea that beetroot was a useful if non-obvious ingredient in a chocolate cake, I promised to actually test out the recipe over the weekend. Despite being a fairly rubbish cake cook and a totally non-dab hand with the icing, it turned out really well.

Since I don't actually own a food processor, my pureed beetroot was fairly chunky, but I think that was a plus: the end result is rather like a chocolate fruit cake, and the beetroot really does offset the sweetness and add some impressive moisture. The suggested icing was astonishingly rich, and in some ways I think the cake would be even nicer without it. Potential bakers be warned that it's an enormous slab of cake when it's done: I'm going to be eating slices out of airtight containers for weeks. Next time I make it on this scale, I'll definitely organise a dinner party beforehand.


    Thanks for testing this one. I look forward to trying it out!

    duuuuude...that is the ugliest cake i've ever thought it was burnt toast!

    *runs and hides*

      Are you running from Angus or that shambling monster of a cake?

    I love the fact that the LH guys/gals are willing to try the things that they are reporting on - even when it's completely out of their usual sphere. Can I suggest we start a "Buy Angus a Food Processor Fund"? It's an essential in the kitchen.

    if you haven't, try beetroot and peanut butter sandwiches next, the tastes somehow go perfectly together.

    Not astonishing at all, that's one of the best ways to make a rich, moist chocolate cake. You've probably eaten it before and wouldn't know. I kid you not.

    66biscuits - ex Chef

    Chocolate beetroot cakes are pretty good, but nowhere near as good as chocolate/tomato soup cakes. It's pretty much a chocolate cake with a tin of Big Red in it: you don't taste the tomato at all, instead getting the moistest cake I have ever seen.

    I highly recommend them.

    So how did you prepare the beetroot?

    Was it just boiled in water then diced/pureed?

    Or did you use pickled beetroot (I assume that would be a unusual flavour)

    Or was it added raw and you let it cook in the cake while it was baking?

    I wouldn't mind knowing, thanks!

      As you'll see in the recipe, it calls for tinned (pickled) beetroot. It's supposed to be pureed, but I don't have a food processor so I just chopped/mashed it finely. Means you can detect some small bits when you eat it but that's not unpleasant - it's a bit like a chocolate fruit cake!

    G'day I've been using this and other recipes for a while to get veggies into my kids. I got it from a cook book called 'deceptively delicious', I liked the title.

    Tried the recipe from GC on the weekend. Wow! Worked lie a dream. The cake was lovely, smelled like beetroot going into the over, came out like a dream on the other end.

    The kids, who were resistant to it at first, "it has beetroot in it...", lapped it up! And came back for seconds.

    I am at work at the moment and cannot log into FB. Will post again tonight with the link to the photos.

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