Astonishingly, Beetroot In A Chocolate Cake Works Well

Astonishingly, Beetroot In A Chocolate Cake Works Well

Astonishingly, Beetroot In A Chocolate Cake Works Well Last week, after sharing the idea that beetroot was a useful if non-obvious ingredient in a chocolate cake, I promised to actually test out the recipe over the weekend. Despite being a fairly rubbish cake cook and a totally non-dab hand with the icing, it turned out really well.

Since I don’t actually own a food processor, my pureed beetroot was fairly chunky, but I think that was a plus: the end result is rather like a chocolate fruit cake, and the beetroot really does offset the sweetness and add some impressive moisture. The suggested icing was astonishingly rich, and in some ways I think the cake would be even nicer without it. Potential bakers be warned that it’s an enormous slab of cake when it’s done: I’m going to be eating slices out of airtight containers for weeks. Next time I make it on this scale, I’ll definitely organise a dinner party beforehand.


  • I love the fact that the LH guys/gals are willing to try the things that they are reporting on – even when it’s completely out of their usual sphere. Can I suggest we start a “Buy Angus a Food Processor Fund”? It’s an essential in the kitchen.

  • Not astonishing at all, that’s one of the best ways to make a rich, moist chocolate cake. You’ve probably eaten it before and wouldn’t know. I kid you not.

    66biscuits – ex Chef

  • Chocolate beetroot cakes are pretty good, but nowhere near as good as chocolate/tomato soup cakes. It’s pretty much a chocolate cake with a tin of Big Red in it: you don’t taste the tomato at all, instead getting the moistest cake I have ever seen.

    I highly recommend them.

  • So how did you prepare the beetroot?

    Was it just boiled in water then diced/pureed?

    Or did you use pickled beetroot (I assume that would be a unusual flavour)

    Or was it added raw and you let it cook in the cake while it was baking?

    I wouldn’t mind knowing, thanks!

    • As you’ll see in the recipe, it calls for tinned (pickled) beetroot. It’s supposed to be pureed, but I don’t have a food processor so I just chopped/mashed it finely. Means you can detect some small bits when you eat it but that’s not unpleasant – it’s a bit like a chocolate fruit cake!

  • G’day I’ve been using this and other recipes for a while to get veggies into my kids. I got it from a cook book called ‘deceptively delicious’, I liked the title.

  • Tried the recipe from GC on the weekend. Wow! Worked lie a dream. The cake was lovely, smelled like beetroot going into the over, came out like a dream on the other end.

    The kids, who were resistant to it at first, “it has beetroot in it…”, lapped it up! And came back for seconds.

    I am at work at the moment and cannot log into FB. Will post again tonight with the link to the photos.

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