All Today's Best Deals Aggregates Deal Sites Via Social Networks

Sometimes I think that the only market in Australia that is growing faster than deal-of-the-day and group deal sites is aggregators of those sites. We've already seen a bunch of them and noticed occasional legal trouble, but that hasn't stopped All Today's Best Deals entering the market.

The main point of difference for All Today's Best Deals is that you can follow deals for a particular city (right now Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast and Adelaide are covered) using either your existing Twitter or Facebook account. If you're a regular user of either, that could be handy (though many deal sites offer similar services directly). If you're suffering from deal fatigue (as I am), it might push you over the edge.

All Today's Best Deals


    Horrible interface, having it pollute either your FB or twitter feed - much prefer email, the way I track them now.

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