Add Beetroot To A Chocolate Cake

Beetroot: it's obviously great for dips, hamburgers Aussie-style and ruining your favourite white shirt. For a more novel culinary approach, try using it in a chocolate cake.

That notion is one of several interesting ideas in a recipe book produced by Golden Circle, and which you can download as a free PDF. Sure, there's a vested interest in selling more tinned beetroot there, but this is such a weirdly compelling notion, I'm going to have to give it a try this weekend.

Beetroot Magic [PDF via OzBargain]


    Moi aussi!

    "...there’s a vested interest..." I was going to make the same comment...

    Beetroot is a culinary abomination!

    Sell more tinned beetroot, not to us!

    We pickle our own, tastes better than the bought stuff!

    Might try this out next time I make a chocolate cake..

    A friend's mother brought one of these to a party a couple of weeks ago. It seriously does work.

    Another good thing to add to cakes is Zucchini. Makes them REALLY moist and delicious, but you can't taste it at all

    Make sure you report back. I imagine it'll impart a nice earthiness that'll balance out the sweetness off the chocolate but it does seem very experimental...

      I heard about doing this ages ago. At least a couple of years. 2008 is the earliest I can find it online though. LH is a little behind the times on this one.

        Y'know, while it is nice to be first, that's never been the sole criterion for a post appearing on Lifehacker.

    Grandma has been doing this for years, can't even imagine having her cake with out beetroot in it. Makes it so moist

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