Add A Second Priority Inbox To Gmail For Your Most Important Contacts

We've shown you a few ways to make the best of Gmail's priority inbox, but blogger Fred Wilson reminds us of another lesser-known feature: You can actually add a fourth pane to your inbox view for any extra labels you may want.

It isn't like adding an inbox to the Multiple Inboxes lab, which doesn't currently work if you have Priority Inbox enabled. The only difference is that you can only add one extra inbox, which Wilson recommends using as a "super priority inbox": a label that's always applied to a few contacts that take precedence above all the others. It's an interesting use of the feature if you have one or two people (like your boss) for whom you always need to be alerted to emails. You can read more at the link below, and if you have your own use for this fourth inbox pane, let us know about it in the comments.

A Super Priority Inbox [A VC via Hacker News]


    As a student in several clubs, I receive tons of emails, whether it's (spam) from University Housing, University Dining, University Athletics, or sometimes useful emails from the aerospace engineering department, the school cycling team, ambassadors club, radio club, roommates, coordinating with group members for classes, emails from family members, or just general emails.

    And while it'd be crazy (or maybe not so crazy) to have an inbox for each one of these categories, priority inboxes certainly helps reduce the craziness of interlaced emails. I sure hope Google increases the number of priority inboxes.

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