Why You Should Avoid Cheap Pastry Brushes

A pastry brush is a pretty handy accessory to have in the kitchen — aside from glazing pastry, it's a useful tool for a perfect grilled-cheese sandwich. Just don't make the mistake of buying a super-cheap one.

In The Cook's Companion, renowned Aussie chef Stephanie Alexander provides a succinct explanation of why a pricier pastry brush is a better choice:

Choose a pastry brush with natural rather than nylon bristles to avoid melted bristles when working with hot ingredients.

Makes sense to me, though obviously silicon (like the brush pictured here) would also cope fine with heat. But seems like that's one kitchen item not to get from IKEA, then.


    Slow news day?

      IgWe need many more brush-related stories. Especially Pastry Brush-related ones.

    Fine comment! Hear hear

    If silicon is ok then why not the ikea brush?

    Just buy a silicon one from a good homewares store. Shouldn't cost more than a few dollars and will last for ages. Dishwasher safe, hygenic, long-lasting.

    I am from the Pastry Brush appreciation organisation.

    People today just dont understand the importance of a good quality made pastry brush. The world would be in a lot better shape if we all just had a quality pastry brush made by the finest pastry brush creators in the world. Sadly, they are losing business to the no good mass-producing pastry brush corporations. It's articles like this though that raise awareness of quality pastry brushes.

    Good day to you sir, *golf clap*
    yours humbly,

    Surely it's silicone, not silicon?

      Nope, it's silicon, though it's not so much a pastry brush as a pastry pallet knife.

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