WhiteyNotes Create Small Stick-On Whiteboards Anywhere

Whiteboards are great to have, but maybe you don't need a big one, nailed to a wall. Previously mentioned Whiteboard now makes sticky-note and notepad-sized stick-on whiteboards. They're convenient in offices, kitchens and other spaces worth writing in.

Not everybody loves sticking up small notes, and some commenters in our original post found the idea of a dry erase board without borders a bit unsettling. For larger surfaces, where you might make sweeping lines, that does play into it. With these smaller notes, you'll probably find different uses.

The 5.5x8-inch notepads come in checkbox, lined and unlined forms, and make for handy quick task lists, need-to-buy reminders in the kitchen and notes left for others. The 3x3-inch notes are, like Post-Its, what you make of them. Lifehacker West got a chance to play with some, and dug how they worked as two-purpose spaces on a magnet board.

WhiteyNotes are $US5 for 10 sticky notes, $US8 for 10 notepads.



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