Vertical Cinemas: Portrait Orient Your Monitors For Maximum Vertical Space

Vertical Cinemas: Portrait Orient Your Monitors For Maximum Vertical Space

Widescreen monitors might be great for movies and tucking your IM windows on the sidebar, but they’re not so great for reading and coding. Rotate your monitors for maximum vertical space.

At Technology blog Mortar & Pixel they wanted to get more out of their Apple Cinema Displays. Although portrait support isn’t an officially supported or documented configuration for the Apple Cinema Display, they grabbed a towel (to protect it from scratches), an Allen wrench, and reattached the stand in the portrait configuration.

For people that have more pragmatic stands (and can simply rotate them instead of unbolting them and propping them up) it’s even easier to switch to portrait mode and enjoy a taller virtual workspace. Visit the link below for more photos showing how they set up their Cinema Displays.

Apple Cinema Display Gone Vertical [Mortar & Pixel]


  • I read a lot of documents and spreadsheets at work so I decided to turn one of my monitors vertical. People in the office questioned my choice but now the internet has justified my action! In your face!

  • I used to do this with my work PC (had it like this for about 18 months), but have since gone back. For starters LCD’s are designed to be horizontal, so you get weird colour shifts from being vertical (unless you are straight on, which in the case of multiple monitors, you won’t be).

    Many apps are really designed for more horizontal space too (particularly programming IDE’s).

    Finally I only found myself reading from the top half of the screen anyway due to where my eye level was and found I was constantly scrolling things into the correct location rather than looking up/down.

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