Use Baking Soda And Charcoal To Remove Unpleasant Smells

After that new car smell wears off and is replaced by the smell of daily use, odours become a difficult task to remove from vehicles. Thankfully, using off-the-shelf products can make it easy to remove unwanted odours from your vehicle's interior.

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Unpleasant odours, like cigarette smoke, are difficult to remove from clothes, furniture and car interiors. So whether you're a smoker or pet owner, often times your vehicle's interior will adopt an unpleasant smell over time. Wired's How-To Wiki suggests using powdered baking soda and powdered charcoal to help remove smells like smoke from your vehicle. While damp baking soda absorbs odors better, it's more difficult to clean up. You'll find that cleanup is easier when using both dry baking soda and charcoal since you can vacuum it up.

Sprinkling the powders in easy to reach places — like floor mats and seats — will work over time to absorb odours from your vehicle's interior. Naturally, the longer you let the powders set, the more odour absorption will occur.

Remove the Smell of Cigarette Smoke in a Car | Wired How-To Wiki


    "...using off-the-shelf products can make it easy to remove unwanted odours..."

    Unless you leave rotting pig carcasses in the back seats, a la Mythbusters.

    where can i buy powdered charcoal in australia?

      I'm not sure, but you might be able to make do by getting a bag of charcoal from a barbeque store and grinding up each lump using a mortar & pestle.

      You can buy powdered charcoal from pet stores. It's used in fish pump filters.

      large pet stores and vets as its used for getting rid of gas for dogs stomachs.
      cat litter also works quite well

    Activated charcoal is available from any store that sells supplies for fish tank filters. It is crushed into powder very easily. you could use a mortar in pestle if you really wanted, but I would wrap some of it in cloth and hit it with a brick or hammer to pound it into powder.
    This activated charcoal is far better at absorbing unwanted smells and molecules than bbq charcoal.

    This actvated charcoal is usually small pebble sized, you can keep a handfull of it uncrushed in your ashtray to provide a small amount of long term odour absorption, replace it every 3-6 months

      Hi, is it same to leave the activated charcoal and powdered baking soda inside the car? With aircon and engine off, close windows and inside a parking lot?

    I have also had experience with charcoal but got the most use form an Ozone Machine for odour removal. The cleaning service actually oxidizes smell. I used O3 Clean.

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