Twittrd Shows You The Most Popular Links On Any Web Page

Want to keep track of what's being looked at online? Free service Twittrd will show you how often a given link has been tweeted instead.

Twitter is usually a pretty good way to judge how popular or noteworthy a particular page or article is, so this service is pretty cool if the site you're on offers no way to tell what's "hot". Just plug a URL into Twittrd's home page, and it will load it with a coloured label next to each link, showing how often its been tweeted. With that, you can easily tell which pages are the most popular on a website. You can also narrow down the links it labels by searching for "dated URLs only", which will look for links with a numerical ID or date, which usually means that its an article rather than just a page in the site map. Hit the link to check it out.

Twittrd [via Digital Inspiration]


    It would be cool if it also had other social link sites included like Digg and Reddit.

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