The Open Build Desk

On the surface today's featured workspace looks, stylish desktop arrangement aside, fairly normal. Peeking under the hood, however, reveals that the guts of this Hackintosh setup are bolted right to the wall of the desk.

Lifehacker reader jdf_warrior opted to skip a case altogether for his Hackintosh build and secure the motherboard directly to the back wall of his sturdy desk — the hard drives are mounted to the underside of the desk, out of sight. If you do any frequent hardware tinkering it's certainly tough to beat a board that's as accessible as the power strip under the desk. Check out the pics below for a closer look.

The Open Build Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


    That videocard will last about 3 seconds. The system needs a bar infront of something to prevent being knocked.

      yeah, I'm guessing he doesn't have a cat.

    Nothing like live electricity about where the knees and feet are.

    Also nothing like having a sub box right where you can stick a shoe into it.

    I guess there's also nothing like a great idea marred by exceptionally poor execution.

    Oh, and wouldn't be better to have a monitor in front of you, or has this guy got a bad case of boseyedness (

    and wouldn't you have the monitors side by side? lol

    Crap setup. I dont see why you'd setup the monitors like that, have to angle your head instead of looking straight forward.

    No case just reeks of a moron, the rooms carpeted so ESD discharge might actually become a possibly along with a ton of dust and nothing to protect a stray foot into your fancy components.

    This is the setup of someone who doesn't really do any serious work or even play games or anything. Looks pretty though.

    purdy… but seriously, this is a "what not to do" article, right..?

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