Some Virgin Blue Lounges Will Be Shut During Revamp

Some Virgin Blue Lounges Will Be Shut During Revamp

Virgin Blue is undertaking a major revamp of its lounges in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane from February 4. While the airline is promising “significant improvements”, in the short term there’ll be alternative facilities and closures to deal with.

In practical terms, that means that temporary facilities will be operating in both Melbourne and Brisbane for two or three months. The Melbourne lounge will close entirely for a fortnight during this period (exact dates haven’t been announced), during which period Lounge members will be given food vouchers to use elsewhere in the airport. There’ll also be no access to meeting rooms in Melbourne or Brisbane. There’ll unsurprisingly be a reduced range of options in the temporary facilities (I bet there’s scrambling for power outlets), but there’ll still be food, coffee and free Wi-Fi.

What features would you like to see in an enhanced Virgin Blue lounge? Share your ideas in the comments. (Me, I’ll be happy if they add some functional showers.)


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