Skip Motorola Androids If You're Considering Rooting Your Phone

Motorola has locked down a few of their phones to prevent "rooting" and unauthorised firmware being run on them, and it looks like that's going to continue. That's based on the company's previous statements, as well as a YouTube comment from a Motorola employee advising a would-be root enthusiast to "buy elsewhere."

Motorola's not too bad on delivering upgrades, but if you're concerned about getting the latest and greatest Android through any means necessary, you might want to consider other brands in the future. [Android Central via Slashdot]


    Haha, is that a challenge I hear?
    They'll be rooted within 6 months of release.

      Still trying to root my motorola droid from optus still no luck

    So Motorola's phone have always had crappy OS software loaded, now that they can use a decent one, they try crapify it?

    Motorola for mobile phones is already on my avoid list. LG is kinda on there too.

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