Repurpose A Stubby Holder To Protect Your Shower From Shaving Can Rust Rings

If you're a shower shaver you can banish rust rings created from the bottom of your shaving cream can by recycling an old stubby holder into a can wrap.

Home and household magazine Real Simple offers an easy solution to dealing with shaving can rust rings. Slap the can into an old stubby holder (called a beer cozy in the US) and keep the steel ring at the bottom out of contact with the lip of your bathtub or shower stand.

Check out the full article at the link below for 52 other clever repurposing tricks to use around the bathroom. Thanks Mpowered!

Beer Koozie as Shaving-Cream Holder [Real Simple]


    Or better yet, dont even use canned goop in the first place!

    I actually purchased a can holder many many years ago. I wish I could find additional ones but now I will use your idea.

    There is a great product out there that is called the Rust-O-Less. It firmly fits shaving cream cans and prevents rust from staining countertops.

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