Pixelpipe Lets You Post Once And Upload Everywhere

There are tons of services online and taking the time to post to each one can be a pain. Pixelpipe helps to alleviate that problem by letting you make a single post that gets sent to every site you want.

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PixelPipe is quick to set up. All you need to do is sign up for an account and then authorise any accounts your want to post to. You're able to post text, photos, audio, and video to any of these various services, including your Dropbox and even an FTP server. There are so many services that Pixelpipe connects with that I couldn't fit them all in a screenshot, so chances are you're covered (click the left image to see what I could fit). Once you've configured all your services (called "pipes" in Pixelpipe), you can start posting directly from their site. Pixelpipe is smart enough to know which services can accept the data you're sending, so it won't try to post a status update to Flickr, for example. If you don't always want to post to the same places, you can create groups of destinations to choose an alternative from your default set. If you don't want to post from the site, Pixelpipe offers several software options including a Firefox extension and several ways to post from your mobile phone (even if it isn't a smartphone).

Pixelpipe is a free service and you can give it a try right now.

PixelPipe | via @1Satoshi


    Truly delicious, social media and websharing on cruise control. Everything works in a few clicks very cool site.

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