PDFZilla Batch Converts PDFs To Editable Formats, Is Free Until February

PDFZilla Batch Converts PDFs To Editable Formats, Is Free Until February

Windows: We’ve featured many ways to convert single PDFs to editable formats like a Word Doc, but if you work with PDFs regularly, you may need something a bit more robust. Shareware batch converter PDFZilla is free for the next few weeks.

PDFs are an extremely popular document format, but come with the annoying caveat that you can’t edit them without an expensive program like Adobe Acrobat. If you find that this is a major hindrance, you can convert them to other editable formats with PDFZilla: it can batch convert any number of PDF files into Word documents, RTF, TXT, Images, HTML and more in just a few clicks. It’s pretty convenient if all you need to do is jump in a document and do some tweaks.

PDFZilla is normally $US29.95, but you can grab it for free right now until February 5th, 2011. PDFZilla is for Windows only.

PDFZilla Time-Limited Giveaway [via GHacks]


  • Yeah, it’s not free at all, it keeps asking for the registration key after you’ve already keyed it in. Either they’ve stuffed up the so called free bit, or it’s a scam to suck you into buying the full software, cos it says only 50% conversion till you buy it!! :{

  • Hi,

    for anyone that wishes to download and take advantage of the advertised give away,
    be warned that it does not register software and remains a trial version.

    I am investigating further.

  • I’ve just downloaded, installed and used the code ‘8061822TWDV6YUK’ – product seems registered (‘register’ link is now inactive) and a conversion completed without incident … even if it did turn a 5MB PDf into a horribly-formatted 105MB DOC – you’ll have to spend some time sorting out formatting, as is the case with all such products.

  • I had the same problem with it saying the registration code was accepted but then still asking for it when it restarted.

    You need to run the program as an administrator when you put in the registration key for it to work, that way it can make the changes that it needs to register the program.

    Mine now works fine

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