Microsoft OneNote Comes To The iPhone

It's been a long time coming, but finally Microsoft Office users can get their favourite note-taking app on the iPhone, so you can view, create and sync notes on-the-go. Now if only they'd make it available in Australia . . .

While OneNote is a pretty great note taking app, its biggest downside was that, unline rivals such as Evernote Evernote, it wasn't cross-platform. Microsoft took a big step in that direction, today, bringing OneNote to the iPhone. With it, you can get all your existing notes from the OneNote desktop app and webapp directly from the cloud, edit them, and even create new text, picture, bulleted, or checkbox notes right from your phone. It even saves them in the background as you type.

Microsoft OneNote is free for an as-yet-defined limited time, and works with iOS 4.2 or later. Microsoft OneNote 2010 is required to sync notes from the desktop app.

Unfortunately, right now the app is not available in the Australian iTunes store. We've got a call in to Microsoft to find out if that will change, and we'll let you know.

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    Please do let us know when it is available in Australia

    Count me interested. Even better would be if they could update both the desktop and iPhone versions to support cloud storage (even if it's the Live product)...

      The Desktop version of office 2010 does support saving the notepads to your skydrive, so you can Sync to all your PC's no problem.

    As much as I hate having two tools for a very similar task, I actually use both SimpleNote and OneNote, and hate that I haven't been able to get at my OneNote books on my phone.

    Very happy it's going to be possible - just wish Microsoft would do the hard work of ticking the "Australia" box in the iTunes store.

    But I am a bit worried about Unfiled Notes - it's in the iPhone screen shots, but I don't think you can sync Unfiled Notes with your SkyDrive (already a massive oversight) so how will it sync to an iPhone?

    What about an Android version?

    If you cant beat them, join them.

    ...then withdraw support in a couple of months when they dont miraculaously get market share! MS does this way to often.

    MS is insulting its non-American customers, and treating us as if we don't exist in their media hype, proclaiming that anyone with an iphone can now use onenote.

    Why have they done this and when will they correct their mistake?

    As of today, OneNote Mobile for iOS is available in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand:

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