Logitech N100 Chill Mat Half-Price At Officeworks

Across Lifehacker's of recent roundups of laptop chill mats, the Logitech N100 was a good all-round performer. A current deal at Officeworks selling it for $29.95 makes it even more appealing.

The N100 falls squarely into the middle of the chill mat market: it does have a fan, but it doesn't have speakers. For many people, that's an entirely acceptable combination, and some form of cooling is definitely a good idea to protect your legs and keep your laptop running smoothly. (The discount price doesn't appear to apply at Officeworks online, though at $39.25 it's still cheaper than list price.)

Commenters at OzBargain have also noted that this deal may qualify for an additional cashback offer from Logitech. That's a good way of saving even more money, though as ever you need to be thorough to ensure cashback deals pay off.

[via OzBargain]


    and the 100% cashback starting tomorrow would make that ever sweeter.


    Currently $19 delivered from LogitechShop

    Also noteworthy is the N700 Speaker lapdesk for $80 delivered

      Comments at OzBargain suggest the $19 deal isn't eligible for cashback though.

      Awesome! Thanks for this! just ordered one! =)

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